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Introduction! <3

OMG~ I can't believe it but I'm actually writing my FIRST entry in my LJ in like *starts counting* 2 YEARS 4 MONTHS! *gets bricked* And of all the time I can choose to write this, I choose 4 days before my exams. This shows how much I want to prepare for exams~ XD

Oops~ I forgot to introduce myself. Hi! I'm Xuan or you can call me Aika (a name created by my friend by merging two of my most fave idols together! Guess them correctly and you can get virtual cookies! =3). I'm from Singapore. And I'm super obsessed with the sparkly Johnny's Entertainment for like 2 years already! (Woohoo~!)

Currently, I'm super crazy about Arashi (MY ICHIBAN), KAT-TUN (My ichiban who became niiban! Gomen! *bangs head on wall*), V6 (KKKKKEEEEEENNNNN! <3) and Kis-My-Ft2 (ahhh!! so adorable and cute!). If you are bored and want someone to go "HIGH" with about these adorable, cute, make-us-go-kyaaa-boys~ no problem! Aika at your service! =3

My Fave Pairings! (~In each group~)
1. Sakuraiba (Aren't they just adorable together! <3 *starts jumping and squealing around*)
2. Akame (Forbidden Love *KYAAAAAA*)
3. JunKen (Yup yup! They are just pure cuteness!)
4. Kitayama/Fujigaya (This is just *faint*) 

(I want to list out more pairings~ but it will just be a neverending list~ >.<)

Hmmm~ so why I did I start posting after being anonymous for like so freaking long. *bangs head on wall again *Ahem~ I'm super sorry that I've been lurking in the shadows all these time. So I, today, decided that the Shadow!Me is no more! I will most likely be posting scans of mags, involving our ever-most-fave-sparkling-boys, that I have accumulated till now. And maybe~ most likely~ starts translating them to improve my Japanese! <3 So be ready to see old mag scans popping out here and there~ XD

Okay~ that's the end of my LONNNNNGGGGG introduction! Hope we all can have fun together! <3

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JOHNNY'S Magazines Clearance Sales

# Note that these are all second-hand goods unless specifically stated otherwise
Some magazines' condition may not be that good
# If stated NEW, it means the magazine has not been opened before
# I do not mind if you would like to check the magazines' condition before payment
# PM for more info if you wish to check the exact contents of the magazines (e.g posters, who is in the magazines, etc..)

Bulk Buying Special (negotiable)
# Buying 5 magazines or more from Group A will be entitled to discount
# Buying 3 magazines or more from Group B will be entitled to discount
# Free posters (mostly Arashi) or cutouts will be given to those who buys 5 magazines or more (while stocks last)

# Comment on this post or directly PM me if you are interested :D
# All prices stated are in SGD
# Modes of payment is either bank transfer or meet-ups at your convenience
# I'm currently not opened to selling internationally, but if you are interested, talk to me and maybe we can work something out :)
# This list will be updated frequently (last updated - 29 July 2016)

Group A (Group on Cover Page is stated) # All Magazines in Group A is sold at $1 each.
Duet 2009 JUN KANJANI8
Duet 2010 JAN HSJ
Duet 2010 FEB Kis-My-Ft2 & A.B.C-Z
Duet 2010 MAR Yuma w/ B.I.Shadow
Duet 2010 MAY NYC Duet 2010 JUN HSJ
Duet 2010 NOV KANJANI8
Duet 2011 FEB Kitayama . Fujigaya
Duet 2011 JUN B.I.Shadow
Duet 2011 JUL HSJ
Duet 2011 DEC Sexy Zone
Wink up 2010 FEB Yamada Ryosuke
Wink up 2010 APR Hey! Say! 7
Wink up 2010 AUG HSJ
Wink up 2010 SEP Kis-My-Ft2
Wink up 2010 DEC Kis-My-Ft2
Wink up 2011 FEB Kitayama . Fujigaya
Wink up 2011 MAR Nakayama Yuma
Wink up 2011 APR Kento . Fuma . Shori . Kaneuchi . Shigeoka . Koji
Wink up 2011 JUL HSJ
Wink up 2011 AUG Tamamori Yuta . Fujigaya Taisuke . Yaotome Hikaru
Wink up 2011 SEP Kis-My-Ft2
MYOJO 2011 AUG Tamamori Yuta . Fujigaya Taisuke . Yaotome Hikaru
MYOJO 2011 SEP Kis-My-Ft2
POPOLO 2010 AUG Mixed Groups
POPOLO 2011 AUG Mixed Groups
POPOLO 2011 SEP Mixed Groups
POPOLO 2010 MAY Mixed Groups
POPOLO 2010 APR Mixed Groups
POPOLO 2011 NOV Mixed Groups

Group B (Group on Cover Page is stated)
$7 - POTATO 2011 AUG Tamamori Yuta . Fujigaya Taisuke . Yaotome Hikaru [NEW]
$8 - MYOJO 2011 FEB Arashi [NEW]
$10 - MYOJO 2012 OCT Arashi
$10 - 日本映画NAVI 2012 VOL.32 Aiba Masaki
$12 - acteur 2012 MAR Aiba Masaki
$12 - Cinema Cinema 2012 JAN Aiba Masaki
$5 - Cinema Square Volume 42 Aiba Masaki
- Have obvious scratches
$12 - +act. 2012 JAN Aiba Masaki
$5 - FINEBOYS 2012 JAN Aiba Masaki
- Condition not good
$15 - M Girl 2012 APR Aiba Masaki [NEW]
$10 - H 2012 APR Arashi
$8 - アラシゴト Arashigoto Arashi
$5 - KAT-TUN in New York Photobook KAT-TUN

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Weekly The Televison 2011 No. 5 [2011.01.29 to 2011.02.04]

It's been a long long time since I post mag scans~



DL Links: [MF]

Misaki Number One!! 

DL Links: [MF]

Note: These images are not in a zipped file. Thus, you can dl whichever page you want.

DL Links: [MF]

Please ask for permission before reposting or reuploading.
Please credit if using any of the images.
Comment are greatly appreciated! <3
Will scan other pages if requested~ =3 Enjoy!~
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Aiba's birthday! <3

It's almost the miracle boy's birthday!!! Less than a day left!!! <3
Ahhh~ come to think of it~ it's almost 1 years and 4 months since I fallen in love with this adorable boy. AND I never regretted a single moment of it~ he brought joy to my life~ sometimes too much joy till my stomach burst~ XDD

Since I may not have the time to post during his birthday~ T~T i'm gonna do it today.

Okay~ to celebrate the beautiful, innocent, cute, adorable, sexy man's birthday~ I have brought to you all his BARTENDER scans (from Dramatic TVLIFE Vol. 5 2011 Winter)~ >///< Aiba as bartender is so HOT!

Collapse )
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It's my birthday today!!!!! Wheeeeee!!
And i'm happy cause I'm born in the special month where Arashi's fave "Miracle Boy" is born! XDD

Anyway~ hope I have a awesome day today~ I don't want any problems to pop out! *starts praying*

And come to think of it~ my hols are here!!! That means more time to fangirl!!! Wheeee~ <3
Plus~ I have not posted scans for a very very very long time~
So I should probably do it soon~ maybe like~ I don't know~ tomorrow? XD
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1 more week!

One more week left! One more week left! *jumps up and down* <333
I'm going to be free soon!!! Ahhh~ I got so many accumulated fangirl stuff to do!! <33
Can't wait to get started on it! <333

AND AND AND! Ordered 3 Aiba mags yesterday!! Ahhh!!
Can't wait to received them! <3333 *super excited*

Okay~ end of my rambling~ back to projects time~ *sigh*

Kay~ so I have 1 major project, and 3 lab tests to conquer for the next 4 days~
Wish me good luck <3
aiba peace


Ahhhhh!!! JLPT is like on this coming Sunday~! And I'm so not prepared for it!!!

Hope I am able to pass this!!!! (>.<) *starts praying a lot*

T~T shall start studying before i regret~ T~T
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3 more weeks!!

3 more weeks to freedom!!!! Well technically~ it's two and a half more!!! ^~^Y YAY!!
If I can surpass this, I CAN FANGIRL ALL DAY!!! YAYYYYYYYY!!
Can't wait to watch vids, buy mags, tumblr, go Kino etc etc etc... <3333

I'm also super excited about tmr!!!
Students from Japan are coming to visit my school~ wheeeeeeeeee!!
Hope I don't mess up or do anything stupid though!!! Heehee!!

Kay~ end of my rambling~~ <3